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date EMS Number A country recall
04/29/2017 RR478049210JP Ukraine Wonderful cream.
04/29/2017 RR478049197JP Russia Tochi helped. All quickly brought
04/29/2017 EG564257285JP Russia Spasibo, doshlo bystro, priyatno
04/28/2017 EG564257277JP Russia Thank you for chondroitin, helps
04/26/2017 RR404890572JP Kazakhstan I bought gammalon child. I will take.
04/26/2017 RR404890569JP Russia Kachestvennoaya cosmetics, thank you!
04/26/2017 RR404890541JP USA Adanta 5 times cheaper than in Rostov.
04/26/2017 RR404890586JP Turkmenistan Everything came. Everything is fine
04/26/2017 EG564257229JP Ukraine Thank you received parcel
04/26/2017 EG564257215JP Russia Privet magaziny u blagodarnosti, vse poluchi
04/26/2017 EG564257232JP Russia Success and prosperity.
04/26/2017 EG564257246JP Russia The price of Lactis pleasantly surprised.
04/24/2017 RA002147437JP Russia I'm your client. Ksmetika on top.
04/19/2017 RA002147468JP Russia Drug prices are lower than in pharmacies
04/19/2017 RA002147445JP Russia What can I say, the Japanese service. Thank you
04/19/2017 RA002147454JP Russia Japanese quality with nothing to compare.
04/19/2017 EG564257201JP Russia Vse doshlo, spasibo.
04/19/2017 EG564257192JP Russia Poluchil posylku bez problem, kak obesali
04/18/2017 RA002147471JP Russia Sending almost crushed but the goods unharmed
04/18/2017 RA002147485JP Russia Thanks to the staff! Quickly and politely! 
04/18/2017 EG564257161JP Russia Bolshoe spasibo za cheovecheskoe otnoshene
04/18/2017 EG564257189JP Russia All the best and success Everything is wonderful.
04/18/2017 EG564257175JP Russia Horoshee kachestvo
04/18/2017 CD282154664JP Ukraine Lactis pomogat, pyem vsei semyei
04/17/2017 RR478049767JP USA Very good service.
04/17/2017 RR478049753JP Hong Kong The friendly managers and operational work.
04/17/2017 RR478049719JP USA Thank you, very nice to go deal.
04/17/2017 RR478049736JP USA Sending received, thank you very much
04/17/2017 RR478049740JP Nov.Zelandiya Many thanks for probik serum.
04/17/2017 RR478049775JP Russia Very prompt delivery to your home.
04/17/2017 RR478049722JP Ukraine Thank you! all came
04/17/2017 EG564257025JP Russia A pleasant surprise and a Japanese service
04/17/2017 EG564257042JP Russia Thank you all received.
04/17/2017 EG564257039JP Russia Robust packaging, thank you very much!
04/15/2017 RR478049784JP England Thank you very much for real melsmon
04/14/2017 RR478049798JP Russia Tochi helped, thank you.
04/14/2017 EG564257011JP Russia Gammalon child come in time
04/13/2017 RR478049815JP England Parcel received today, I am pleased.
04/13/2017 RR478049807JP Singapore Thanks for the gift!
04/13/2017 EG564257158JP Azerbaijan Everything came quickly and without problems.
04/12/2017 RR478049824JP USA Laennek helped. I am treated.
04/12/2017 RR478049838JP Russia Bought fucoidan. The effect is.
04/12/2017 RR478049841JP USA Sending was as much as 12 days !! Long
04/12/2017 EG564257135JP Russia Thank you from all my heart. Gamalon helped
04/12/2017 EG564257127JP Russia all we received
04/12/2017 EG564257144JP Russia Duzhe good SERVIS. Dyakuyu!
09/04/2017 RR478049855JP USA Quickly and without any problems. Council.
09/04/2017 EG564257100JP Russia They did not answer immediately but chewed.
09/04/2017 EG564257087JP Russia Staf is very polite. all clear
09/04/2017 EG564257113JP Estonia Vse doshlo, lechus, spasibo gospoda
09/04/2017 EG564257073JP USA Obezbolevayuschee very good
07/04/2017 RR478049872JP Lithuania Minophagen bought. Satisfied.
07/04/2017 RR478049890JP USA The most pleasant staf. Good luck.
07/04/2017 RR478049869JP Russia Goods reached. thank
07/04/2017 RR478049886JP Russia Slazhennaya rabota, professionaly
07/04/2017 EG564257060JP Russia Service to the occasion. Got it all. All OK
07/04/2017 EG564257056JP Denmark Delicate cream, quality dekorativka
05/04/2017 RR478049909JP England Excited about the children's feet! I advise
05/04/2017 RR478049912JP Ukraine Bought lactis, all advise.
05/04/2017 EG435241983JP Singapore Bolshoi assortiment, priyatnaya poddrzhka
05/04/2017 EG534021502JP Russia very good store. Business approach.
04/04/2017 RR478049926JP Russia Japanese service. That says it all.
04/04/2017 RR478049930JP USA Cosmetics with nothing compares
04/03/2017 EG435241966JP Russia Reliable business partners
04/03/2017 EG435241970JP Ukraine It came within a week. Nicely
2017/03/30 RR478049943JP Russia Very good medicines. True.
2017/03/30 EG435241952JP Russia Real VIP quality. 
2017/03/29 RR478049957JP Moldova The parcel was delivered without problems.
2017/03/29 RR478049974JP Switzerland All clear. Good luck!
2017/03/29 RR478049965JP Germany Prishla za 4 dnya. Ochen bistro.
2017/03/29 EG435241158JP Ukraine Thank you all received.
2017/03/28 RR478049988JP Russia I make a gift. Wife loved it.
2017/03/28 EG462003175JP Russia Quality at a decent price. 
2017/03/28 EG462003189JP Russia Laennek received. Thank you
2017/03/28 EG564257475JP Russia Reliable guys. I advise
2017/03/28 EG534021119JP USA She lost 5 kg
2017/03/27 RR478050005JP Ukraine Great choice, is what to buy!
2017/03/27 RR478049991JP USA Laennek received. Thank you
2017/03/27 EG462003158JP Russia Reliable guys. I advise
2017/03/27 EG462003144JP Russia She lost 5 kg
2017/03/27 EG564257507JP USA Great choice, is what to buy!
2017/03/27 EG462003161JP Russia I've received the parcel.
2017/03/24 RR478050028JP USA Lactis regularly take the whole family
2017/03/24 RR478050014JP Malaysia Politely answer all the questions.
2017/03/24 RR478050031JP Russia Very pleasant to deal with.
2017/03/24 EG564257498JP Thailand Parcel brought. We asked you to unsubscribe
2017/03/24 RR478050045JP Russia Received everything
2017/03/24 EG564257467JP Russia Japanese quality - that says it all.
2017/03/24 EG564257484JP Russia Well done guys, all received, satisfied.
2017/03/22 RR478050076JP Malaysia Thank you, everything is great.
2017/03/22 RR478050062JP Germany Happy delivery speed
2017/03/22 RR478050059JP Kazakhstan Fast shipping, received without any problems.
2017/03/22 EG564257453JP Russia fast, reliable, high quality
2017/03/22 EG564257440JP USA Good value for money
2017/03/21 RR478050080JP England Everything came, thank you for a present
2017/03/21 RR478050093JP Russia Present very pleased. Think about the people
2017/03/21 RR478050102JP atviya It's nice to have a case. Thank you.
2017/03/21 EG564257436JP Holland Wonderful store, take the third year.
2017/03/20 RR478050133JP Russia Safely and without hassle.
2017/03/20 RR478050116JP Russia Spasibo, ems doshlo, vseh blag. 
2017/03/20 RR478050120JP Kazakhstan Tovar doshel, ppodtverxhdayu
2017/03/20 EG564257382JP USA Thank you! All in time, all it came
2017/03/20 EG564257419JP Russia Got. Today brought.
2017/03/20 EG564257396JP Canada Pleased with the new site of cosmetics
2017/03/20 EG564257422JP USA Very decent guys.
2017/03/20 EG564257405JP USA Everything is wonderful, all dovolno.
2017/03/17 RR478050164JP Australia Diet pills pmogayut I will take
2017/03/17 EG462003127JP Israel Thank you for a discount for wholesale.
2017/03/16 RR478050178JP Switzerland Very pleased with the approach and efficiency.
2017/03/16 RR478050181JP Kazakhstan Poluchili tovar, ochen bystro
2017/03/15 RR478050204JP Hong Kong Very good medicine. Thank you
2017/03/15 RR478050218JP Slovakia Lactis regularly take the whole family
2017/03/15 RR478050195JP Ukraine Politely answer all the questions.
2017/03/15 EG462003113JP Russia Japanese quality - that says it all.
2017/03/15 EG556782240JP Russia Well done guys, all received, satisfied.
2017/03/13 EG556783554JP Russia Thank you, everything is great.
2017/03/13 EG462003095JP Russia Happy delivery speed
2017/03/13 EG462000695JP Russia Fast shipping, received without any problems.
2017/03/13 EG462002705JP Russia fast, reliable, high quality
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